Rik Janssen


Things that take effort make you smarter. Even if you fail.


This is my handle on the WordPress community as wel as on Github. This is the name I use for the plugins I create and release. At this time there are only three plugins released, Super Simple Site Offline, Super Simple Age Gate and Simple Analytics Tag. The aim is tho make them fit in seamlessly with WordPress, are easy to operate and fast to implement.

At this moment there are three plugins and a theme under construction. A simple Janitor plugin that cleans up your WP-admin panel and does many more useful things is the biggest project. The second one is a plugin that helps you manage your links for lets say affiliate websites. Since Google loves to know what your intentions are this plugin will add the nofollow, sponsored and ugc (user generated content) relation to that specific link. A WordPress short code plugin that helps you embed ads on places in your posts. Not automated but way easier to edit than just pasting HTML in the content. And a super lightweight theme that scores good with Google Lighthouse and works with the Schema.org standards.

Foster the Wulff

After graduating cum laude at Sound Education Nederland I started a new band with Eline called Foster the Wulff. Later Zenja joined as a drummer. We are currently writing and recording music so singles, ep’s and albums can be released in the future.

Foster the Wulff is a combination of electronic music, rock and the weirdness that we all bring to the table. You can expect loops, live instruments and dark vibes when this will all come together. To be continued…

SEO/SEA (experiments)

I’m sorry, you won’t get any links here. I don’t want to contaminate the results. But there are some website I’ve build that run SEO experiments for me to learn how it all works and what changes to implement to make them work better. Making websites findable always fascinated me from a technical standpoint and now that I get to work on websites for a living I’ve created some platforms to help me learn. I’ve completed the Google Ads course on the Google Academy platform and earned the Google Search Certification .

I currently am experimenting with Schema.org markup to make better implementation of rich snippets possible. You can do this with microdata support or with Json-ld. For now I find the Json-ld method more elegant and since it is recommended by Google is has my preference.  But I’m curious to see what the microdata method does.