Age Checkbox for WooCommerce

by Beta.

This plugin adds an age check to the checkout form on your existing WooCommerce/Wordpress installation. Customers have to tick a box in order to be able to place an order. You can customize the messages and enable/disable the function from the WooCommerce settings page.

Enable the checkbox and add your custom text

This plugin is made to be simple and quick on its feet so there aren’t much bells and whistles other than just adding the ID and hitting save. There is the option to modify the theme you are running by adding the proper function just below the body tag or use the footer if you don’t want to modify the theme. But maybe it’s time to update anyway… Age Checkbox fits seamlessly in WooCommerce.┬áThe settings are added to the existing Woocommerce settings menu so it looks and feels as a WooCommerce setting.

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