Super Simple Site Offline Documentation

Thanks for using Super Simple Site Offline. The really simple way to temporarily redirect or cover your website with a message. This documentation will give you some insight into how this plugin works and what you can do with it.

I wanted to create a plugin that would feel native to WordPress and be as fast as possible. Even for a simple maintenance landing page there is something to say about optimizing page speed. Keeping it simple is the key here. Not add too much features that will be features on features that have it’s own features. That’s just messy and bad UX.

If you love this plugin as much as I do then please leave a review on so more people can read about how much you enjoy this plugin. Nice eah?!

Without further ado, here is the documentation on Super Simple Site Offline. Everything it does and doesn’t. If you have questions, please let me know.

Enable/disable Super Simple Site Offline

When you activate the plugin this doesn’t mean that your site is hidden for the public. On the settings page there is a checkbox (the first one) that does this. When enabled you can view the offline landing page by clicking the link below.

Preview your landing page

When you are logged in as an admin the entire website will show. This way you can work on your website while the public doesn’t have access. The ‘preview landing page’ link is there to help you customize the offline-page.

When activated the plugin will cover all pages on your website with the same landing page. So there are no pages visible. They will not be redirected to another page.

Redirect or landing page

Super Simple Site Offline’s basic functionality comes in two flavours. A redirect to another page or a landing page presented in beautiful markup.


When the redirect setting is selected the user will not see any markup but will be redirected to another page. The browser (or crawler) will also receive header information so it knows what the reason behind the move is.

The way to set this up is to simply check the box ‘Enable Redirect’ and fill in the URL at ‘Redirect URL’.

Landing page

Google Analytics or Tag manager information only work on the message page and will not be fired on a redirect.

Visitor statistics

If you already have a Google Analytics or Google TagManager account set up, congratulations. Just paste the UA or GTM code in the field ‘Google Analytics or Google TagManager’ and hit save. This will add the GTM or UA code to the landing page. If not, sign up for a free Google Analytics account here.

This will only work on the landing page. The rest of the website is not affected, only the landing page. If you want to add Google Analytics or Google TagManager to the hidden part of the website you can use the plugin Simple Analytics Tag.

Note that when using the redirect function the GTM or UA tag will not be fired and thus the visit (or redirect) will not be counted in Google Analytics.

Google Crawlers

When the landing page is activated the header that accompanies the page is the one you set in ‘Header Information’. You can select these headers with the accompanying message for the Google Crawler or the visitors’ browser.

  • 503 – Service Unavailable
  • 404 – Not Found
  • 307 – Temporary Redirect
  • 301 – Moved Permanently
  • 200 – OK

More on HTTP codes, what they mean and the consequences can be found on this Wikipedia page.


There are two ways of changing the appearance of Super Simple Site Offline. Although the standard-setting makes it look a bit like the wp-admin it also has a dark mode and some other fruity themes. These are the settings that you can use to change things around.

Select theme: pick a theme that you’d like to use. This will change the appearance of the landing page in an instant.

Logo: add your logo to the design. This will display your logo or image in the centered box. A PNG works best. Especially if the size is around 200x200px. Size matters on page loading.

Background image: is the setting you want to use if you think the background is too bland. Upload a photo or image that will span the entire background of the landing page. This way you have the ability to theme it rather quickly.

Custom CSS: if you don’t like the landing page at all then there is the ability to override the existing CSS. Super simple!

Troubleshooting and questions

If you encounter problems with my plugin try to deactivate all other plugins and test if this does anything. If Super Simple Site Offline does work at that point then one by one activate the other plugins to find out which one is causing the problem. And don’t hesitate to let me know via the WordPress Support page.