WP Audit is finally here!

So it’s finally ready to release! WP Audit, the plugin! I’ve been working a year on this pretty simple but effective plugin. All systems were redesigned multiple times over and eventually I settled on this rendition. Some things might still feel a bit spartan but since there are a lot of features still in the pipeline that will be better soon.

What this plugin does is asking my server to do a weekly Google Pagespeed test and give back the numbers. It also tracks 404 errors on your website. Information like this can be used to optimise your website and landing pages.

What is WP Audit?

WP Audit is a plugin to keep track of things that are going on on your website. Sudden speed drops and 404 errors are made visible so you can act accordingly. But how does this plugin do that?

The inner workings of this plugin are rather simple and as lightweight as possible. Your website needs to be fast, right? When you install the WP Audit plugin and tick the automated audit box then the plugin will request an api key.

After requesting that key the server will try to gather information about your website. This will be used to run automated Google Lighthouse checks and present you with some of its data. The fetching of the Google Lighthouse data will occur at least once a week.

Another nice function is the 404 logging. This keeps a list of all the 404 page visits. This gives you valuable information on things that are not being found on your website.

The future of WP Audit

At this moment there are several features planned or as we speak being worked on:

  • A panel where all the information of multiple websites is displayed so you can keep an eye on more than one WordPress installation.
  • A daily SSL health check
  • Hourly uptime check
  • Notifications via Email (optional) when values are way off. Things like a 50% increase in 404 page notices or a significant drop in the Google Lighthouse results.

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Curious? Check it out on wordpress or on my site.