Re:Branded – Agency Tools: WordPress Branding Plugin

I was thinking about potential plugins for myself and for the agency I work for. And the thing is, when we deliver a WordPress website it is usually quite ‘Wordpressy’ on the admin panel side of things. That had to be done differently since the details matter. That’s why I’ve wrote a WordPress branding plugin.

After some thinking I’ve came up with the name: Re:Branded – Agency Tools. This plugin is one of the first things you want to install when installing WordPress. Okay, after Contact Form 7 and WordFence of course. When you work with custom layouts you know that there is no real good way to just add a text-box other than using Widgets (that adds unnecessary HTML). So when you build a landing page with loads of text boxes or just want to throw some editable text in the footer you can use the Custom Text Area’s. Upon creating you’ll get a piece of PHP that you can paste in your template. Easy!

WordPress Admin Rebranding

But that is not all. The big idea was to create a plugin that re-brands the WP-admin. This is done by replacing the WordPress logo’s in the header and login page. For clients that are not WordPress savvy you can add documentation on how the website works and document how the things you’ve made work.

The client can also see your contact details and a welcome message. I thought this was a pretty neat (and simple) function to implement. This way you let the client know that you take ownership of your creation and that they can always contact you if needed.

Custom client user role

When giving the client their own separate login there is a new user role called ‘Client’. When using this one the WP-admin panel is pretty much empty except for the things that you allow the client to work with. For some clients (aka the ones that go play around in the backend themselves) this is a good idea and a cost saving measure. Yeah, so you don’t have to revert backups every other week.

The Super Simple Site Offline, Super Simple Age Gate and Simple Analytics Tag plugins fit in seamlessly. Of course. When they are all installed they will pop up under de Branding navigation button. I am glad Re:Branded also got the WordPress Plugin commission seal of approval. Let’s see what the reactions will be. Feedback is always welcome! I hope you like my WordPress branding plugin for the WP-admin environment.

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