An attempt at using the  Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin 

Why didn’t I know about this? That is what I thought when reading about the release of Google Site Kit 1.0. Yes, Google has its own WordPress plugin called Site Kit. This allows users to show their analytics, speed test, search console and Adsense data right in their dashboards. I’ve installed it on one of my blogs and currently testing this tool. Since it’s by Google I am not that scared that this plugin is rather unsafe to use but you will never know. 

That said I dislike that my websites have those open api connections with all the Google Tools I use.  That’s why my sites have a minimum amount of plugins to work. And even then I still think there are way too many. Every outdated plugin or theme can do harm to your website and Google ranking. So, I view them as potential risks.

Not very well suited for website developers

With this Google Site Kit bundle there are some things that are slammed together in one piece of software. I like that thought so I installed the bundle and was not happy about what I saw. Google Site Kit seems like a dream come true for the average webmaster. You have to connect every plugin manually to your Google account. That makes sense.

But from a developer standpoint Google Site Kit doesn’t make any sense. There were barely any settings and the plugin to optimise your website. And any signals that tell you what Google does to your website are kind of absent. That should be something that I’d look for when installing a plugin like that. Some tools to help to get your SEO game going would be a nice asset coming from the Google camp.

Google Site Kit made my site slow as molasses

And then there is the weight of Google Site Kit. Running a speedtest via Google Lighthouse I got some awesome results without Google Site Kit. Running up in the green at around 98 percent. Not bad. Since it’s all about site speed at the moment I love that result. But with Google Site Kit running it plummeted to around 70-80 percent depending on the page. What the.. Google!

Google, what are you doing with my site?

All in all I wasn’t that impressed by this plugin. The lack of features and the modifications to your WordPress installation worried me a bit. And the speed dip on the front end was something that I didn’t expect from Google since they are rewarding websites for speed in search results. SEO wise it’s a bad choice. 

So after testing the plugin I quickly uninstalled Google Site Kit and added my own Google Analytics and Tag Manager plugin back to the WordPress installation.