Bye Bye Pro Tools, Welcome Back Logic Pro X

A couple of years ago I went back to school. A degree in audio engineering and the fine art of music production. Right at that time I’ve switched from Logic Pro 9 to Pro Tools and an educational licence made that possible. (I hate pirated software).

Well, now I’ve changed back. Pro Tools, being the industry standard, is a bit boring and does not invoke creativity. I love the compressor and EQ but other than that, It’s just a tool. But it’s perfect for working in a studio and getting sh*t done. That’s for sure.

But since I compose stock music there is that need for creativity. A nice selection of instruments sure does help and if there is a bit of choice effects wise even more. So for just a bit more than 200 euro’s total I have a Logic Pro X licence. That’s better than 35 euros a month.

Hate and love for Logic Pro X

The main thing I kind of ‘hated’ when switching to Pro Tools was the toy-ish look that Logic has. You know, like you are working with Garageband Pro or something. And I am still not that fond of the look.

But I love the selection of instruments that I now have at my disposal. The plugins that I’ve bought over the years also work on Logic so that’s a big plus. Hooray for Izotope Ozone as a mastering tool!

Also, the compressors respond nicely and I love the flavours that are available. Aren’t they modeled after some famous ones?

After installing it and getting back to work I’ve managed to create some pieces of stock music and wrote a couple of things for my band. How about being productive… right?!