Doubts about Google’s use of meta

What if there was a big company that helped us all find the things we need in an instant. And that they would know everything about everybody. Yes, even the things we don’t want to know. Well, that company exists. It’s called Google. But you probably would know that.

The thing is, and it is known for years, they don’t seem to care much about content creators. It shows how they treat people that run YouTube channels but also blogs. Having said this, not everybody uses white-hat tactics to improve their ranking. It’s a cat and mouse game basically.

But now that the meta is becoming more and more important the creator is kind of being pushed back. Google now shows the content of bloggers and content sites outside on their search feed. With this Google denies the creator of the content a piece of income. But Google needs those creators. If they wouldn’t exist there would not be a Google needed.

I understand that structuring the data on a website can bring good things as well. With smart speakers marching in peoples homes a way of knowing what the meat of the content and knowing what the important part is is being ready for the future. What the advertising or other monetising options will be for the content creator is unsure. It could be in the form of spoken ads, maybe some affiliate links under the ‘order now’ voice command. I’m not sure.

But it also turns out implementing schema Json-ld or microdata in your website makes it quicker to crawl (not sure if the crawler favors it but I saw a slight rise) and the rich snippet can make people click the result more often. But that probably depends on the type of information/content that you provide.

I am curious to see how this will pan out.