Sometimes I like to type stuff into my keyboard and this is where that stuff ends up. Mostly about music, development and design.

Cool animated hamburger menu buttons in css

If you are smart, don’t use text symbols as close buttons. You know, those pesky screen readers read the symbols out loud and that can ruin the user experience. So don’t use an ‘X’ character as a close button. In this blog post I’ll show a nice css animation trick that you can use to […]

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An attempt at using the  Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin 

Why didn’t I know about this? That is what I thought when reading about the release of Google Site Kit 1.0. Yes, Google has its own WordPress plugin called Site Kit. This allows users to show their analytics, speed test, search console and Adsense data right in their dashboards. I’ve installed it on one of […]

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Bye Bye Pro Tools, Welcome Back Logic Pro X

A couple of years ago I went back to school. A degree in audio engineering and the fine art of music production. Right at that time I’ve switched from Logic Pro 9 to Pro Tools and an educational licence made that possible. (I hate pirated software). Well, now I’ve changed back. Pro Tools, being the […]

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Creating Plugins for WordPress

This was quite eye opener for me. For long I reckoned that creating a plugin was hard and labour intensive. Not to speak of the challenges that came up with WordPress in general. But the framework was there and it didn’t feel that difficult at all. I’m glad it all worked out. For some of […]

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Doubts about Google’s use of meta

What if there was a big company that helped us all find the things we need in an instant. And that they would know everything about everybody. Yes, even the things we don’t want to know. Well, that company exists. It’s called Google. But you probably would know that. The thing is, and it is […]

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